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Durable & Built-to-Last Vinyl Siding That Will Add to the Curb Appeal of Homes in Lincoln, IL & Surrounding Communities in the Heartland

The siding on your house provides important protection against the elements while also enhancing the look of your home. Without well-made and durable exterior siding, your home could fall victim to a number of issues that are costly and time consuming to fix. This is why it’s so important to replace the cladding on your home if you find that it’s rotting, peeling, sagging, or molding. 

To have top-of-the-line vinyl siding installed on your home that will be as long lasting as it is beautiful, turn to the experienced professionals at AAA Window – Siding Roofing. For more than 30 years, we have been updating homes in Lincoln and communities throughout central Illinois to better reflect the aesthetic tastes and needs of our customers, and we’re ready to do the same for you. 

Industry Leading Home Vinyl Siding

All of the cladding options we offer to homeowners in Lincoln, IL, and surrounding central Illinois communities are designed with beauty in mind. Manufactured by industry leader CertainTeed, our portfolio includes the Wolverine American Legend™, Cedar Impressions®, Restoration Classic™, and Monogram® home siding variations. Each has its own unique look, but all of this stunning siding creates an attractive home exterior that doesn’t require any of the time-consuming upkeep that comes with natural wood panels and other high-maintenance materials. 

Reasons to Choose AAA for Home Siding Installation

When you partner with AAA Window – Siding Roofing for new cladding for your home, you can rest assured that you will receive: 

  • Top-of-the-line vinyl siding that is highly durable, virtually maintenance free, and engineered to look beautiful for many years to come 
  • The option to add new soffit and fascia to complete a new, cohesive look for your home’s exterior 
  • Professional installation by factory-certified technicians who will complete the project in a prompt and effective manner 
  • A lifetime service warranty for your home improvement project, giving you added peace of mind that your investment is protected 

Because of our commitment to providing our customers with top-notch services from start to finish, we are proud to have a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating as well as a top rating on Home Advisor. 

Siding FAQs

At AAA Windows – Siding Roofing, we know that getting new siding is a big decision for any homeowner. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the siding replacement process:  

Q: When should I consider getting new siding for my home?

A: You should consider getting new siding if your current siding is damaged, warped, faded, or showing signs of wear and tear. Additionally, if you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, or overall protection against the elements, new siding may be a good option. 

Q: What are the benefits of getting new siding?

A: New siding offers numerous benefits, including improved home aesthetics, increased energy efficiency, better protection against moisture and pests, reduced maintenance requirements, enhanced durability, and potentially increased property value. 

Q: How long does it take to install new siding?

A: The time it takes to install new siding depends on factors such as the size of your home, the type of siding material, the weather conditions, and the availability of labor. In general, siding installation can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete. 

Q: Do I need to hire a professional contractor to install new siding?

A: While some homeowners may have the skills and tools to install siding themselves, it’s generally recommended to hire a professional contractor. Professional contractors have the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to ensure a proper and efficient installation. 

Q: Will installing new siding help improve my home’s energy efficiency?

A: Yes, installing new siding can help improve your home’s energy efficiency by providing better insulation and reducing air leakage. Consider selecting siding materials with high energy efficiency ratings and proper installation techniques to maximize energy savings. 

Q: How do I maintain and care for new siding?

A: The maintenance requirements for new siding depend on the type of material chosen. In general, siding should be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Additionally, inspect your siding periodically for signs of damage or wear and make any necessary repairs promptly. 

To get one step closer to having new, beautiful cladding installed on your residence in the Heartland, contact AAA Window – Siding Roofing today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will gladly schedule a complimentary home consultation so you can receive a free quote for new vinyl siding. 

Our Happy Clients

"The crew at our home was very professional. Exemplary behavior of this crew was very appreciated by the homeowner and neighbors. Thanks!"
Carl & Denise Connour
"Shayne & Amber did an amazing job! They were great!"
Leigh Linenfelser
"The weather was very hot when our windows were installed. Shayne & Amber did an excellent job and the heat did not slow them down. We were very impressed with their skills & professionalism. They did a wonderful job!! We could not believe they finished the job in two days!"
"My fiance' says I look out the window more than I watch the TV! Thank you, very much!"
Lori, Mason City, IL

Why Choose AAA?

As a family-owned and -operated business, we value our relationships with our customers and want to ensure that we provide them with ideal, long-term home improvement solutions that offer the best value. Throughout our years in business, our dedication to providing quality products and exceptional service has helped us earn all kinds of accolades, such as top ratings from Qualified Remodeler magazine year after year. We are also a screened and approved business and a Top Rated Company on HomeAdvisor.

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